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News From Liberty Guitar...

  • We now finally have Liberty FLIP capos available in wholesale and distributor pricing.
  • Our first pilot programs in York, Maine elementary schools and in the community are underway, and we'll be posting some pics and videos soon to show the remarkable music that adult and child beginners are now playing.
  • The 2 Liberty capos (The Model 43 and Model 65) are now available for sale on as well as from our web store.
  • The first two recordings in Liberty tuning are now available from us, Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes and other download services.
  • Digital iBooks (for the iPad) for 5 of the Liberty books can be found on the iTunes bookstore. They work on iPads and Apple computers running Mavericks or Yosemite.
  • A matching Liberty-style full capo (The Model 65) is now available
  • Liberty capos are now available wholesale. If you'd like to carry them in your store, contact us.
  • The Liberty FLIP Capo IDEA BOOK is now available. It shows over 70 ways to use Liberty FLIP capos for players of all levels. We sell several packages with this book and our new capos. There is also a Volume 2 that focuses on using Liberty FLIP capos in altered tunings.
  • The Liberty Guitar Beginner's Book is new in 2015. It shows how to play the 30 common folk songs that have always been used to teach beginning guitar, and puts them in the best keys for singing. This book is a perfect introduction to the Liberty Guitar idea for men, women or children, and puts these basic songs in 6 different major and minor keys, and can be used with a teacher or on your own.




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