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Introducing the Liberty FLIP full & partial capos

Model 65Liberty Flip capo also Liberty Flip capo

The Model 43 and Model 65 are Now available from as well as from our web store. Now available in quantity discounts.

These 2 new members of the partial capo family are the fruits of Harvey Reid's 40 years of research into the mysterious world of partial capos. They were designed to do Reid's amazing new Liberty Tuning, and they work significantly better than other partial capos for this purpose. But they are also the best professional partial capos you can buy anywhere, and you'll quickly fall in love with them if you are already a partial capo user. They are the perfect place to start playing guitar, and they also open up the door to the hidden world of partial capo music for any player. They are more versatile, light-weight, attractive and less visible than other capos, and the rugged metal construction and precision-threaded clamp mechanism are easy to operate and adjust, even for young children.

Both models of Liberty FLIP capos are reversible, and actually do the job of several other full and partial capos.

The Model 43 clamps 4 or 3 inner strings on most guitars, and on most fingerboards it can also clamp 4 outer strings. It does everything an Esus 3-string capo can do, plus a lot more. It can be used as high as fret 9 or 10. (BUY ONE NOW)

Model 65Model 65Model 65

The Model 65 clamps 6 or 5 strings, and is a radiused-fingerboard (steel-string) full capo on one side, and a 5-string partial on the other. Beginners will want to use it as a full capo to combine with the Model 43 for singing songs in the best keys to match the voice. For advanced players, it is a lightweight, sleek double-duty capo that attaches from either side of the fingerboard, and fits a wide variety of neck widths and thicknesses. The hard, durable rubber has excellent tone. (BUY ONE NOW)

  • Other 3-string capos (Shubb, Kyser and G-7) don't have enough "reach" and string clearance for many important partial capo situations.
  • Threaded clamp mechanism allows you to get the perfect amount of clamping pressure without pulling sideways or overtightening.
  • FLIP capos attach from either side of the fingerboard, in case you need access to strings on one side or the other, or if you are having trouble with stability. On most guitars, Model 43 can clamp XXXX00, 0XXX00, 00XXX0, 0XXXX0, and 00XXXX. (photos) Model 65 clamps XXXXXX, 0XXXXX or XXXXX0.
  • Strong all-metal construction is ultra-lightweight.
  • Model 43 works on steel-string acoustics, plus wider-neck instruments, classical guitars, and guitars with higher string action.
  • Model 43 is perfect for both versions of Liberty Tuning.
  • Will also do a large percentage of the most useful partial capo configurations.
  • Has a low profile and is easy to reach over and around.
  • Attractive and barely noticeable on the guitar.
  • Fits easily in your pocket.
  • Will never wear out.
  • Stores on headstock if needed.
  • Young children can operate it easily, since it does not have a powerful spring or a difficult-to-remove snap mechanism.
  • Works as a full and partial capo for mandolins, octave mandolins, mandolas, ukuleles and banjos.

Harvey Reid has been studying partial capos in depth for many years, and is publishing the results of his research in his series of Capo Voodoo books (available at,, and Apple iTunes bookstore) Together with a full capo, the Liberty capo does 113 of the current 171 published ideas, and 18 of Reid's top 21 favorite capo configurations. There are only a very few really deep and interesting things you can't do with a Liberty capo. The LIBERTY CAPO IDEA BOOK (Amazon) or buy it from us is the "missing manual" for this elegant new guitar tool. There is now a second volume.

Book 9 Book 10

If you have never bought a partial capo before, this is the first one you should get, and it might be all you ever need. If you are a partial capo user already, you'll want to immediately add Liberty capos to your collection.

Buy a Liberty FLIP Capo from us now.


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